Affordable UK Summer Holiday Retreats

by Charlotte Walker

Many people are saving their pennies this year by avoiding any holidays abroad, but there are great deals to be found for those who are set on a trans-Atlantic vacation. To save money on your trip, take advantage of some of these great UK summer holiday retreats that have been attracting visitors for years on end.

UK Summer Holiday Retreats

View of Sekegness from the pier. Wiki Commons photo by Kippel.

One of these great destinations is the seaside town of Skegness, located in Lincolnshire, approximately 43 miles away from the city of Lincoln. Attracting large amounts of visitors every year, Skegness has fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Primarily a small port and fishing village, Skegness grew thanks to the arrival of the railway in 1875. The first excursion to the resort from King’s Cross, London, was on Good Friday 1908. In 1936 the first Butlins holiday resort was opened in Skegness, and thanks to this the seaside resort has grown a credible reputation as one of Britain’s best loved.

Low tide at Rhyl. Wiki Commons photo by Dot Potter.

Attracting families from across the UK, the resort of Rhyl in North Wales has become a family fun centre. With six miles of golden sands stretching between Rhyl and Prestatyn, children have the freedom to build sandcastles on the beach, take a donkey ride or even play ball. Lifeguards are well positioned in order to patrol the shoreline ensuring that families remain safe.
With long and distinguished legacy in the art of entertainment, Blackpool has become the biggest and most popular seaside resort in Europe. If you’re wondering where to holiday this year you have to consider Blackpool because it has just about everything to offer holidaymakers. The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the single biggest tourist attraction in Britain, welcoming over six and a half million visitors a year. There are a number of other attractions that draw crowds to Blackpool including the Blackpool Zoo, the Winter Gardens and the Opera House, the three piers and the famous trams.

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Charlotte Walker writes for MediaVest (Manchester) on a number of topics.