Cheap Eats from Berlin

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Berlin is a multicultural city with a rich food scene, giving you access to specialties from all over the world without living the city. Many offerings are available from street food vendors, which will make eating in Berlin a lot cheaper.


Currywurst is the typically German snack: a pork sausage dipped in a curry-scented bath of ketchup. It can be found all over the city, served steaming on a paper tray with a mount of fries and a little plastic fork. But if you are looking for the most popular place, go straight to Curry 36. The sausage at this particular snack bar is so popular that they have started a range of merchandise sporting their daft logo.

  • Address: Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg

Currywurst in Berlin

Thuringer Bratwurst

For about €1.20, you’ll get a juicy Thuringer Bratwurst that’s nestled in brötchen, a warm, fresh bread roll. They’re often sold on the street by “grillwalkers,” men and women carrying large pieces of equipment on which they grill sausages. Although opinions vary widely, they’re a very popular food in Berlin.

  • Address: you will find many grillwalkers in Alexanderplatz


If you are a burger fan you will be happy to meet Burgermeister, a burger shop where everybody can find something to meet his or her taste. There are six types of hamburgers: from tofuburgers for vegetarians to meistaburger, laden with mustard, onion, bacon and barbecue sauce, with a side of chilli-cheese fries. All snacks and sauces here are freshly made with top-quality ingredients. The place is very popular, so you’ll probably have to wait to get your hamburger, but don’t get nervous, the wait is worth it.

  • Address: Oberbaumstraße 8, Berlin-Kreuzberg


After a few days in Berlin you will probably be tired of all that meat, so it’s time for a change: go for a Falafel! You can get one of the best in town in Falafel & Falafel shop: three balls of freshly fried falafel, spicy and green with parsley, placed in a pita with mango-curry sauce to brighten the flavour. The sandwich is topped with a salad of parsley, mint, and sliced carrots. And you can even add it some fried haloumi cheese on top.

  • Address: Skalitzer Straße 102, Berlin-Kreuzberg


No Berlin cheap eats list would be complete without the king of the street food: the doner. It seems that the optimal formula of bread, meat, salad, and sauce has already been perfected, and today some döner places add in fried vegetables, or they make a small departure from the usual sauces. There are plenty of nice doner shops all over Berlin, so go and look for your favourite!

Doner in Berlin

Hamy Cafe

Hamy Cafe is a busy Vietnamese fast food serving fresh and tasty food. The open kitchen has two different main dishes every day, and a good range of daily meals. If you are not an expert in Vietnamese try the pho ga chicken soup, the pho bo beef soup, or a goi mien noodle salad, and finish with banana pudding. Even when there are a lot of people waiting they manage it to serve the food fast without this affecting the quality. Perfect for a quick snack to start or round off an evening out. And also to give a break to the meat!

  • Address: Hasenheide 10, Kreuzberg/Neukölln

No doubt in Berlin there is plenty of options to eat good food, quick and at a reasonable price! Do you know of any other great food options in Berlin?

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  1. Gotta love the currywurst!

    Food in Berlin is so cheap – i look forward to going back there again very soon..

    I recently wrote a post on Berlin and the burger in that article is a must try!


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