9 thoughts on “Feathered Thieves Nab my Breakfast

  1. Ha, how funny–I just blogged about a monkey stealing our lunch! Maybe he was in cahoots with the birds =)

  2. We once had a gang of monkeys pillage our snack bar in Knysna, South Africa. Not only was it terrifying, but it cost us a fortune! :)

  3. That’s a beautiful shot! I wouldn’t mind waking up to that view every morning. I had my sandwich stolen by a coati when I was at Iguazu Falls. Here’s a link if you want to see :) http://bit.ly/h4C9w2

  4. That’s hilarious! We had chipmunks steal apples from us in the Grand Canyon and then got just far away from us before they ate them.

  5. Haha. Like the others I’ve had things stolen by monkey’s before, but not birds. By the way, what flavor of Luna bars? I’m in love with the peppermint stick ones… if they stole those I might have looked for a cat. :P

  6. Hope you had a few spare ones for yourself. Cute picture.

  7. In Kenya the hawks used to steal my sandwiches right out of my hand when I wasn’t looking, truly disappointing…especially when they wouldn’t be able to hold onto it and scatter it all over the place.

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