First Ski Trip: More time on my ass than my feet

by Musa

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I’ve just come back from my first ever skiing trip, and it was a fantastic break. I always assumed that this type of holiday was only for the super-rich, but it turns out to be nowhere near as expensive as I’d expected. I’m sort of sorry now that I waited until my fifties to go on such a trip; it is a lot more fun that our summer holidays when we just lie on the beach. I had also assumed that when you went on a skiing holiday all there was to do was ski, but it turns out that there is a whole lot more to it than just this.

Journey to the Alps

I traveled to the French Alps by train all the way from my home here in London. This was my first time using the Chunnel and must admit it was all very impressive. You go in one end of the Tunnel in England and come out in rural France. I traveled to Paris, and from there picked up another high speed train that whisked me all the way to the French Alps. I’d already booked a chalet and it was even more beautiful than it appeared in the brochure – it’s usually the other way round. The location was fantastic, and now I know what people mean by the term ‘winter wonderland’.

More Time on My Ass Than My Feet

I joined up for some skiing classes, but it was a real struggle for me. I spent more time on my ass than I did on my feet; by the end of the two weeks though I was starting to get the hang of it. The best part of the whole holiday was the evenings inside cozy restaurants and bars – I made some great friends and haven’t laughed so much in years.

Sometimes You Have to Leave Your Comfort Zone

I’m definitely going again next year. It just goes to show that sometimes we have to get outside our comfort zone if we really want to find the best things in life. It also has me thinking about the other ways my assumptions could mean that I’m excluding myself from things. One of the people I met on this trip is currently taking flying lessons, but that is something that I would have also thought was well outside my price range. He was just an average guy though, and he convinced me that this could be something that I might try as well. It is something I’m definitely going to look into.

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6 thoughts on “First Ski Trip: More time on my ass than my feet

  1. I learned to ski in the French Alps as well at age 33, I spent a week taking classes for two years in a row. The first year I spent most of my time on my ass as well but improved by the end of the week. I was worried going back the 2nd year that I would have to start all over again, but surprisingly it came back faster than I thought it would. Now it has been about 4 years since I have been and I am thinking about going back next winter – lord knows what will happen, but I am willing to give it a try because when you are in such a beautiful place it almost doesn’t matter if you are viewing it upright or from the ground!

  2. Flying lessons? Why not. You are only limited by your imagination! But more ski lessons and a week in Les Trois Vallees in the French Alps would be superb!!

  3. Yep, I have spent more time down than up as well! I guess it takes some getting used to and a different type of skill. It didn’t help that I didn’t grow up near mountains. But I do love the Alps – just not for skiing! :)

  4. I totally know what you mean about spending more time on your ass than your feet! That was basically my entire trip in Mammoth! It sounds like you ended up having a great time, though!

  5. Kudos to you for laughing your way through ski lessons. I love skiing (grew up in the Canadian Rockies) and think a lot of adults avoid skiing out of fear when really they might enjoy it if they were willing to step out of their comfort zone as you did.

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