Travelated Rease Goes Solo – Help Her Make Some Decisions

by Rease Kirchner

Some of you may have noticed that lately, not many posts have had “by Rease Kirchner” at the top or perhaps you’ve just noticed that my trademark posts full of hilarity have been absent as of late. Or maybe you could care less. The point is - I haven’t been around as much and I’m going to tell you why. If you don’t feel like reading all of it, please at least take this survey to help me make some decisions about my solo move.

I’m going to create a solo site

There has often been confusion about who is behind Travelated. This site was originally run by three of us, including Alex, Emily and myself (you can read our bios here). A few months ago, Emily decided to go back to teaching, so it was down to just Alex and I. Well, Alex has decided to explore other options as well, so Travelated has been going through the serious changes and it will be changing even more so.

In the next few months, Travelated will be put up for sale. Since two of the original 3 owners are gone, it just makes sense. This is not a break-up. I can assure you, there are no hard feelings between Emily, Alex and I. Alex and Emily are still living happily together in Las Vegas and I still hope to visit them again soon. We were friends before Travelated and we will be friends after Travelated.

So what does this mean for Rease?

Sooner or later, I will disappear from Travelated. This does not mean I will disappear from the travel blogging world! I will be creating my own site. I’ll be moving most of my Travelated posts to the archives of my new site so you can still find them whenever you might desire. I will continue to write, travel, and interact with the travel community.

You can help me!

I haven’t been able to decide on the domain name for my new site. I have also been thinking about what direction to take now that the decision is solely up to me. I’d really love your help.

I created this survey with only 14 questions that will greatly help me make some decisions regarding my solo site. Please take a few minutes to fill it out, honestly. I will love you forever and ever. I will also bribe you! If you include an email, I’ll enter you in a raffle to win one of out Get Going Guides ebooks, I’ll make you a personalized video saying thank you and being silly and I’ll give you a shout out on the new site once it’s up and running. So please take the survey!

This is a big change for me and I’m nervous, so your support, advice, and patience is all greatly appreciated! This is not an adios it’s an hasta luego. You’ll see me on Travelated a bit during the changeover, but I’ll be back in full force once the new site is up!


9 thoughts on “Travelated Rease Goes Solo – Help Her Make Some Decisions

  1. Such a big move – good luck with the new site, though! I guess it’ll be tough at first to start from scratch (in some respects), but you’ll love having the freedom of your own blog with your own voice, I’m sure!

  2. This is an exciting time for you, Rease! Change is always good. I wrote on the survey to trust your gut and follow your heart. You’re a smart girl, so I have all the faith that whatever decision you make, you will make the best of it. :) — Michelle

    • Rease K says:

      Thanks, Michelle! Your kind words mean a lot. I feel nervous about a lot of things, but at least I know I have a lot of friends in the blogging world who will support and help me!

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