Exotic Car Racing in Las Vegas – Living the Dream

exotic car racing in las vegas If you are a man, chances are you had a poster of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche hanging on the wall of your bedroom when you were a kid. I definitely did. Like most kids I used to dream about driving all of those cars; screaming down the highway at 200 mph like it was […]

101 Reasons to Get Off Your Ass and Travel

Annecey and Geneva with Carolyn and Emily 015 We at Travelated are in favor of you getting off your ass and doing just about anything, but we prefer that you get up and travel. Watching hours and hours of Anthony Bourdain doesn’t count as traveling, no matter how much you want it to. You can read about and watch other people doing what you’ve always wanted to do, or you could, you know, just DO IT.

Amsterdam: Rules of the Red Light District

amsterdam red light district Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a tiny 500 square meters, but it delivers a big punch, with women from around the world openly selling their bodies in store-front windows. Known as The Wallen, you can search it out by walking the streets with “wal” at…

Top Five Festivals in France

Bastille Day fireworks. Creative Commons photo by Irene. Finding joie de vivre in France is easy, with several festivals and events that make the country such a sought after tourist destination. While all French festivals have something special to offer tourists, some are better known than others. Here is a look at the top 5 festivals in beautiful France.

10 Phrases You Won’t Learn in Spanish Class

You can teach English anywhere! The problem with formal education of a foreign language is you never get to learn the good stuff. Now that I am no longer on any education-related payroll, I can finally impart my knowledge of malas palabras en Castellano.

Top 10 Christmas Vacation Spots

ChampsElyseesXmas2 New Zealand and any of its smaller islands is a wonderful place to spend your family Christmas. Drink in the panoramic views as you enjoy the balmy Pacific Ocean…

Best Places for a Picnic in Chicago

chicago-travel-guide By David Wilson – Chicago has an excellent range of well maintained public parks and spaces but some of these are much better spots for a summer picnic than others. The perfect picnic needs beautiful weather, fine company, good food and a serene green space to enjoy. Here are some of Chicago’s best Welles Park […]

Exploring Berlin’s East German Identity

Brandenburg-gate By Michael Bastin – The city of Berlin still struggles a bit with its identity – the difference between new and old, past and present, east and west. Yet, even with all the opposites in its makeup, Berlin makes it work. Within the city, one can experience all that Berlin has been and catch the […]

Tips for Returning Home Happy After Vacation

happy vacation By Adam Price – Everything about a vacation is great, right? That is, until you go home to jeans that don’t fit because of too many margaritas and too few morning runs, a peeling, painful sunburn, and a wicked case of motion sickness from your cruise. Follow these tips for getting away from it all […]

3 Things to do in Dublin

hills in ireland Dublin is an extremely popular destination for all different types of travellers. Whether you’re looking for a romantic break for two, a weekend with friends, or a family holiday, the city has plenty to offer. But with so much to do, just how do you choose what to spend your money, time and energy on? […]

Five Things to See and Do in Aruba

By Daniel Solomou – Serving as one of the most desirable holiday destinations in 2013, Aruba offers tourists a fascinating place to explore and enjoy while escaping their daily routines. With all of the opportunities this little island offers, it’s almost impossible to fit everything into a single trip. These five things to see and […]

Travel: Your Best Friend for Thinking Outside the Box

By Sammy Rodriguez – It’s difficult for most people to think outside of the box. This comes with aging, as it’s easy to get stuck in the same old ways one is used to, and living in a society where beliefs are often highly structured. Thinking outside the box can help in just about every […]

The Mosaic and Lessons of Illinois’ History

By Nicola Granier – Photogenic and tuneful indie folk singer Sufjan Stevens famously declared his intention to create a concept album delineating the major historical moments in each of the fifty states comprising the United States of America. In 2005 Sufjan Stevens crossed off the Illinois concept album from that ambitious list while making history […]

Interesting Facts About New York’s Central Park

By Tony A. – At the centre of New York lies Central Park, an 843 acre piece of city-owned land that attracts over 35 million visitors every year. Initially opened in 1857, the park was expanded one year later through the Greensward Project, with construction continuing through the American Civil War until the park’s completion […]

Top Holes In One Golf Courses In Cancun

Sponsored by Cheapflights.com – Whether you watch the tournaments on the television or you regularly practice your swing at your local course, Cancun is definitely a golfer’s dream! Apart from the fact that the courses have been constructed in the most beautiful landscapes imaginable, the greens have also set a new bar for luxury standards […]