The Beautiful Adventuress: Andi Perullo

by Emily Sims

Today’s interview is with the smart and gorgeous Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures. Andi has been to about 40 countries and has a lot planned for 2011!

You’re getting married this spring in a foreign country! Tell us about the wedding. What has planning that been like?

My wedding is taking place at the glamorous Faena Hotel + Universe, located in Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It will be an intimate outdoor ceremony at sunset and then we will move into the adjacent ballroom for an 8-course reception with a jazz/salsa/samba band for entertainment.  The planning has been quite stressful, since I am in different hemisphere and things tend to run very slowly in South America.  However, my best friend, who happens to live in Buenos Aires, is generously acting as my wedding planner.  I could not imagine that I would be having the wedding of my dreams without her.

You’ve got a lot of travel planned for the first five months of this year. Which destination are you most looking forward to?

My honeymoon!  My soon-to-be husband and I fell head over heels in love with Brasil last year and that is where we got engaged, thus it was an easy choice as to where we would take our honeymoon.  This time we will be visiting 3 new places, all with exotic beaches, since we are both beach lovers.

My favorite posts on your blog are the ones about your trip to Cuba. How did you manage to pull that off? What was the craziest thing that happened while you were there?

I am not sure how I pulled that off to be honest?  I decided that if I were to get caught and punished, which to be honest is huge (it is either a hefty fine or imprisonment), was worth the risk, as I had been enchanted with Cuba for as long as I could remember and I simply had to visit.  I would say the craziest thing that happened while I was there was falling in love with an Aussie, whom I then traveled the world with for 2 years.


Last October you had a boudoir photography session. What was that like? Were you nervous?

I was beyond, beyond nervous (though champagne did help)!  I was lucky though in the sense that Kyle, the photographer, was someone that I trusted and felt very comfortable around.  I was elated with the results and I am so proud of myself for doing something that scared me.  I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life.

We know it’s bad, but we love travel horror stories. What’s the worst experience you can think of?

Two years ago, I traveled to Bolivia and Peru. Unfortunately, I was really struggling with severe altitude sickness and, to make matters worse, halfway through I fell and broke my ankle. South America is not in the least bit handicap friendly, so to get around on crutches with a giant cast in pain and feeling sick was almost an insurmountable challenge. However, I decided to keep going. Thank goodness I did, because the last part of the trip was driving through the Bolivian desert and I am convinced it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Once I returned home and it really hit me what I had just accomplished, not only was I proud of myself, but I also felt like there was no challenge I could not surpass in the future.

What are your top 5 destinations so far?

This question is impossible to answer, however if I was forced to choose I would probably say: Argentina, Brasil, Australia, China, Cuba, oh and I have to include South Africa!


What destination was the most surprising (in a negative or positive way)?

Brasil.  I knew it was going to be out of this world gorgeous, however I was not expecting to feel so “at home” while I was there.  I loved it so much that I returned 4 months after my 1st trip and hope to move there in the future.

What’s your ‘day job’? How do you fit travel into your life?

I own a Wellness Center where I practice Chinese Medicine.  I work 7 days a week and when I am in my clinic I give 110% to my patients.  Thankfully, I have attracted patients that respect and admire the fact that I travel the world.  They know at the end of the day that it makes me a better healer.

If you could have unlimited flights to and from one city, forever, which would it be?

Now this question I can answer, New York City!  Greatest city in the world without a doubt.  Plus, I would be able to have a lot of direct flights.

What’s your favorite post you’ve written so far? Why?

I am really proud of the series of posts I wrote about my solo-trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Brasil.  This experience was truly life-changing, and I think I was able to convey that through my words and photographs.

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  1. I can’t wait for you to get to BA for your wedding! Don’t forget to hit me up so we can meet up before your crazy hectic wedding day!

  2. Altitude sickness is the worst. I had the same problem in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. If mate de coca isn’t working, descend!

  3. One of my favorite sessions ever. I think that Andi’s trust was what made the session completely amazing. She let loose and had fun with it!

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